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real-estate assets on the blockchain.

OwnProp democratizes fractional property ownership, enabling cost effective, intelligent investing. Get the app.

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Crypto meets real estate

OwnProp provides investors with a user-friendly method to buy into fractional, tokenized properties, through the issuance of Ethereum tokens.

Specific Investments

Invest in a specific property vs. a REIT, similar to a stock vs. a mutual fund.

Investment Minimums

By leveraging the blockchain we lower transaction costs and increase trust.


Buy or sell real estate backed tokens with the tap of a button. 

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A phone with the ownprop application open
Simple onboarding

Sign up for a carefully curated real estate marketplace within minutes and complete accreditation verification.

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Investment Insights

Each listing provides property details and strategic investment insights in addition to documents containing more in depth analysis on budgets and surveys for a new class of investors.

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A phone with the ownprop application open
A phone with the ownprop application open
Streamlined Transactions

In a few simple steps accredited investors can purchase tokenized real-estate, and your ownership will be recorded on the blockchain.

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*OwnProp is working towards listings offered for as little as a $1; however, initially buy-ins are higher as we pursue the necessary legal frameworks to make this happen.